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May 31, 2019

Listeners - Welcome to a spoilerific episode of Fullmetal Bazinga. If you are new to the show, this isn't the place to start. 

We asked for questions and you delivered! Thank you everyone who sent in questions. This turned into an extra long episode because we're just that extra when it comes to responding to your...

May 22, 2019

Fullmetal Bazinga is doing a special debrief episode! Send us your questions by tweeting at us (@FMBazinga) or by filling out our google form below. We will stop taking questions sometime in the evening on May 27 2019 (Eastern Time). 



May 17, 2019

...I recognize something in you that makes me feel I'm not alone /

I recognize something deeper than I've ever known /

And we'll never change /

We'll never have a home /

This is ours now for a while /

We're exiles /

We are exiles...




May 11, 2019

...she's got something big to tell me
At the ocean
Talk back at the ocean
There's no simple way
To let you know
Funny how she always cried out...

May 3, 2019

This episode comes to you live from along the coast, somehow tracking that crow didn't work out. Please, if you can download this, send helMOBILE DATA LIMIT EXCEEDED, YOU CAN ADD MORE OR JUST USE 2G SPEEDS UNTIL YOUR DATA RESETS...