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Feb 1, 2019

Fullmetal Bazinga: The Real Show for Human Beings, returns from PodCon to uncover the fresh secrets and revelations in this week's episode of Big Bang Theory. Thank you to everyone we met in Seattle - we hope you're ready for a true return to form in this episode.

This week: How will Howard and Bernadette deal with their intrusive neighbor? Who is this "Andy" and what are his motivations? What mysteries are hidden in the meteorite that Leonard longs to slice open? Does Sheldon truly know any of his friends? How are we to interpret the premonition in this episode? How does The Silent tie into all of this? Is Chuck Lorre OK? 

All these questions and more are discussed in episode 14: The Meteorite Manifestation.

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As always, a huge thank you to Doug Linse for creating our intro and outro themes. You can find all his music by going to

Tune in next time for episode fifteen: The Donation Oscillation